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Party Service Policy

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your party schedule time. Also, be aware that it is important to be on time for pick up when the party is over.
  • You can only make reservations by paying in full on our website or in person at Chiki Girls Spa. Payments by phone are not accepted.
  • We do not use any utensils to perform pedicures and manicures and do not cut or shape the nail. We also do not use electricity with water, we only will use warm water basins, pedi bombs, foot scrub, and polish hands and toes. Our basins are completely sanitized between each client/party to ensure clean water for our guests.
  • We use disposable makeup applicators for each guest at each party for health and sanitation purposes. We do a very gentle and light glitter pink makeup application on children because we want the girls to look as natural as possible so their portraits they take after can be cherished in their natural state.      
  • Spa robes, head wraps, and slippers are property of Chiki Girls Spa and are not intended for guests to keep.
  • We may provide some snacks and beverages for all parties participants. Please, advise your child to accept or refuse if this is not something you wish for your child to eat or drink. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE STAFF OF ANY POTENTIAL ALLERGENS BEFORE DRINKING, EATING, AND APPLYING PRODUCTS ONTO THE SKIN.
  • Parents and guardians are welcome to stay and watch if there is ample room, however, we prefer a smaller crowd so that there is free-flowing room for the girls to move around without interference. We welcome parents to choose our drop-off option and pick up the child when the party is finished. We will always have an adult staff member and teenagers assistants (15 plus) to ensure proper supervision. No child will be left alone and unsupervised.